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Cycling Sunglasses by Naute Sport

The best cycling sunglasses provide full protection from both the glaring UV rays of the sun and any debris or dust kicked up from the road or bike path. They have wide lenses that wrap slightly around your face under your helmet and protect your eyes on all sides.  Also, you need glasses that grip securely to your head and on the bridge of your nose.  This prevents them from falling off or slipping into an uncomfortable position while you ride.

Naute Sport makes the Best Cycling Sunglasses

Many cyclist choose Naute Sport eyewear because of the performance advantages that were specifically designed for the biking lifestyle.

All Naute’ Sport frames are made of the best TR90 Grilamid Thermoplastic which are ultra-lightweight, ultra-durable and ultra-flexible.  The TR90 is specially formulated to withstand impacts and bend without cracking or sustaining damage. 

The polarized photochromatic lenses enhances shadows in order to navigate more safely around potholes. For mountain biking, the lenses will help accentuate brown and red tones to counteract the shifting light factors on a wooded trail.

The Transfog technology (patented and trademarked) will adjust to give your eyes the perfect amount of light in most environments. Plus, it has a layer of permanent anti-fog treatment. These are the number one choice for cyclists who ride a diverse range of trails early or late in the day.