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Stride - Polatran™ - USA-Sport

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Stride - Polatran™

Frame & Lens Color
Black Frame with Amber Lens
Black Frame with Smoke Lens
Blue Frame with Amber Lens
Blue Frame with Smoke Lens
White Frame with Amber Lens
White Frame with Smoke Lens
Lens Type
Frame Size
  • Polatran (Polarized Photochromatic Lenses) -A transition lens, our patented Polatran lenses will adapt to the amount of sun you are experience and will darken to protect your eyes. Available in Smoke & Amber.

    The Stride Frame is available in four lens types, click below to see color combinations for each lens type:

    The Stride with Antifog Lens

    The Stride with Polatran™ Lens

    The Stride with Polarized Lens

    The Stride with Standard Lens